Mister Calvino

Gonçalo M. Tavares
Illustrations by Rachel Caiano
Translated by Roopanjali Roy
ISBN 81-89420-06-2
2007 • 72 pages • paperback
€ 8.50 | Rs. 200
We need to define the rules to determine who won, if I did or if you did… - said Mister Duchamp to Calvino, once all the pieces had been gathered up and the game had been concluded.
But now, after we’ve played?
There have to be rules… - insisted Mister Duchamp - so that we know who’s won.
But who’s going to define the rules now? - asked Calvino.
You or…me.
Well…me or you?
You can begin, suggested Mister Duchamp -, and then I’ll finish.
No - retorted Calvino. - You begin; each one of us will formulate a rule alternately, and I… will define the last one.
All right. Ten?
Ten rules.
They then began, alternately, to formulate rules for the game they had just played, each one of them trying to define the rules in such a way that, albeit a posteriori, they would emerge the winner.